KH Fitness World Diabetes Day

By Bryan Houston and Kelly Hitchcock

Health and Fitness Contributors 

On behalf of KH Fitness

The Muscle and The Mouth- World Diabetes Day was November 14th. One in 11 Americans is living with diabetes. Millions more are at high risk of developing diabetes. 

Bryan Houston (the Mouth) and Fitness Expert / Life Coach Kelly Hitchcock (The Muscle) talk about what you can do to lower your chances of getting diabetes via diet and exercise.  

And for those who have Type 2 Diabetes, we talk about how you manage, and in some cases, even reverse your condition with the right lifestyle changes. 

We also offer some resources that can give you more valuable information about diabetes. 

If you have questions for Kelly, you can reach him through his website,, or contact him via his Facebook page, KH Fitness. 

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Muscle and the Mouth – World Diabetes Day