Release Date: 8-3-2012

Run Time: 118 min.

Cast: Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy

Director: Len Wiseman

Rating: PG-13

Don’t bother getting your ass to Mars because this version of Total Recall  is set solely on Earth, in a post-chemical warfare future where there are only two areas of the world left inhabited by humans, Britain and Australia.  In Britain we have a place where all of the people are perfect and life is grand while in Australia we have the colony which is nothing more than the slums of a now barren earth.  People from the colony take “The Fall” a giant whole dug through the middle of the earth to work in Britain but must return to the slums of the colony upon the end of their work day.

Based on both the Philip K. Dick short story and the 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by Paul Verhoeven, this reboot of Total Recall follows the main character Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) is experiencing nightmares and is bored with his life.  In turn he decides to take a visit to Rekall to have memories implanted in his brain of being a double agent and that is when the S hits the fan.

Quaid learns he is really Hauser, a double agent whose espionage mission against the resistance (led by Bill Nighy) has apparently led him to switch sides from serving the deviant chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). Hunted by his “wife” Lori (Beckinsale), Quaid/Hauser gets help from resistance member and former girlfriend Melina (Jessica Biel).

While it has a few nods to the 1990 film, this Total Recall brings nearly nothing  nothing new to the table.   The original movie at least had personality thanks to its over the top sense of humor. It was a truly a perfect movie of the 90’s with its excess when it comes to violence.   Sadly, this Total Recall is like a serial killer fresh of a lobotomy.  Any thing that could push it to the levels of is predecessor are all lacking.  While there are plenty of shoot outs within this movie it is amazing that there is little to no blood at all in this movie.  I understand that some of the battles are with robots but REALLY?


When it comes to the acting in this movie, to say I was let down would be an understatement.  I like most rational thinking people know that Beckinsale and Biel are nice eye candy but when it comes to controlling main roles in a movie they both lack that ability.  Colin Ferrell does his best to fill a classic role first done by Arnold but due to a lack luster script and story his attempt falls flat.  The casting of Nighy and Cranston could have brought so much more to this movie thanks to their acting capabilities but unfortunately the story limits their involvement.

Although very easy on the eyes when it comes to the setting and cast, this remake of Total Recall is a perfect example of a movie that should have never been made.  It lacks all of the fun, violence and action of the original and prefers to stay way to vanilla so that is can get a PG-13 rating to bring in a younger audience during its summer time release.  Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should run to the hills if this movie is on the TV at home or on a flight or something like that but do not waste your hard earned money on the horrible remake of a 90’s sci-fi classic.


Overall Grade – C-