The Texas Longhorns must be certain about the firing of Mack Brown
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All considerations must be given to any decision the Texas Longhorns make regarding firing Mack Brown

WACO, TX   Most Texas Longhorn fans filled out Mack Brown’s pink slip after, or even before the BYU disaster early this season. However, there is something to be said about the job Brown did keeping his team together when all else had buried them before Big 12 conference play even started.

In Saturday’s season finale, Brown had that same team (minus Manny Diaz) just 30 minutes away from a Big 12 Conference Title, in what was another extremely hostile environment, on the frozen tundra of Waco.

The Baylor Bears were dominant at Floyd Casey Stadium this season. Before the Longhorns faced the Bears Saturday to bid adieu to the home of the tarp, Brown led the Horns to victories over Oklahoma, K-State, West Virginia, TCU and Texas Tech, when a loss to many, if not all of those schools was predicted by most who claim to bleed Burnt Orange.

“How did he do it?” might be, or really should be asked as continued calls for Brown’s head swirl. Mack Brown was able to resurrect this season because the ones who matter most to the coach never gave up on him – His players and coaches.

Texas probably will, like any school with the skins and the clout to do so, make a run at Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.

‘Bama’s loss to Auburn, which doesn’t look so bad after Saturday’s SEC Championship Game, may now give Saban, who has accomplished all he really can in Tuscaloosa, more of a reason to consider the Texas job.

But considering how this season ended, perhaps all being said now, is Mack Brown has to go if the following is true:

The nation’s winningest coach in the last 5+ years and his wife’s desire to reside in beautiful, Austin, TX. The Sabans want to be the highest paid first family of college football, at a school with more resources than the government could waste in 10 of the current administration’s terms in office. Saban thinks he can be the best coach in a conference that has recently been undeniably weaker than the SEC, let alone the Big 12’s own standards. Saban likes the thought of recruiting the state in the country with the most talented high school players, and has no conference championship game to undermine a possible run at a National Title. (See Ohio State).

What may now need to be heard is if carrying out the coup, and telling Mack to pack, Texas best be damn sure they can simply click with Nick, or it could be a long time before another coach arrives in Austin capable of delivering Longhorns fans the Jerry Jones-like, self-imposed National Title or Bust expectations that are so arrogantly self-inflicted every spring.

Let it not be forgotten, Mack Brown is a season away from surpassing “The Chosen One” of Texas’ coaching lore. The recently departed D.K.R. himself should be pleased and proud of the job Mack Brown has done this year. Not to mention, there could still be a bowl victory to make this season even better. That’s if Longhorn Nation hasn’t already buried one of BEVO’s greatest caregivers before his well-deserved time tending the farm is truly up.

Now that the regular season is over the rooster’s crow to replace Mack Brown will intensify. However, that very crow might just be the main course on the plates of so many for forgetting the Longhorns battle cry. Who among those determined to see Mack go truly kept their horns up?

The Longhorn players and coaches sure did. Perhaps not on behalf of the fairweather fan, but for Mack Brown himself. Maybe this time Brown shouldn’t have to be embarrassed for, or by, all Texas fans?

All great farmers, not just the posers on the pasture, but the ones who run the fences around an institution like the University of Texas, should remember one thing. You reap what you sow, and if it is so chosen to plant Mack Brown, Longhorn supporters best pray they are truly “Sabaned,” or the pigskin rodeo in the Texas State Capital might just end up being another political circus. Think about how that particular side-show is workin’ out so far?

So Longhorn Nation, is it really time for the cock to doodle doo on Brown, or should the decision be, just don’t mess with Texas?

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