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Jerry Jones says drafting a quarterback in the late rounds is only developing the player for another team.

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Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks all make this week’s Postscripts

By Matthew Postins

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are considering hiring Scott Linehan has the new play-caller for the Dallas Cowboys. So instead of handing the play-calling duties back to Garrett, or giving Bill Callahan another year to right the play-calling ship, the potential solution is to bring in ANOTHER guy to call plays? Seriously? How many chefs do you need in the Valley Ranch kitchen?

Of course, there may be more to this, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen. Reportedly, there appears to be disagreement between Jones and Garrett on who should call plays this coming season. If that’s the case that would be an acknowledgement that Garrett knows he has a little more leverage after giving up play-calling duties last year only to see the Cowboys go 8-8 once again. Last offseason, according to ESPN, Garrett wanted Norv Turner, but lost the battle to Jones, who eventually chose to elevate Callahan.

Linehan would be as close to allowing Garrett to hand-pick a coach as he’s likely to get. Linehan, then the offensive coordinator in Miami, hired Garrett to be his quarterbacks coach when the pair worked for Nick Saban. So you have to imagine the two are in tune on some level.

If this comes off, it would give Garrett a measure of control over his future in Dallas and a more like-minded coordinator that doesn’t feel forced upon him. It doesn’t mean the offense will be any better, though. It just seems fairer to give Garrett some rope given this is the walk year of his contract. Of course, another 8-8 season and that rope will feel real tight.

Oh, and how many NFL teams do you know that need three offensive coordinators to win eight games? Exactly.

Dallas Cowboys

Monte Kiffin is more than likely to be back as the Dallas Cowboys /defensive coordinator in 2014

Jerry Jones says there was “no debate” about bringing defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin back for 2014. You sure, Jerry? Because there was debate EVERYWHERE I listened and read. But that’s what you get when you made decisions in a vacuum.

Here was Jerry’s explanation on why it was unwise to let Kiffin go after one season:

“I had a guy tell me one time how to be successful, that no human can be right over 50 percent of the time on any decision, but it’s the ones that cut the bad ones off quick and let the good ones run long. That’s hard to do. That’s hard, mentally, not mentally, but that’s hard to accept quickly to cut a bad decision off quick because we all know that the adage of the gold miner who walked away and the other one who took one more swing, hit the pick and found the gold streak and so you don’t want to quit. So it’s easier said than done to let your mistakes go short and your good decisions long.”

Um., what?

Jerry Jones tells reporters that by taking a quarterback in the later rounds of the draft, you can only sign them for three or four years and that “you’re just drafting one to develop for someone else.” This is why in three or four years, when Tony Romo’s skills inevitably erode, that the Cowboys will be screwed.

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys will get Gavin Escobar the ball more in 2014. Didn’t he used to say that about Martellus Bennett every year, too?

The Cowboys sign Dan Bailey to a contract extension through 2020. Amid all the mistakes that Jones and company seem to make, this is one deal they got right. For the past three years Bailey has been masterful, to the point where missing a field goal from 50 yards out is stunning. Sure, it’s a lot of money — $22.5 million over seven years. But Bailey is terrific in clutch situations, has plus-50 range and has one of the best touchback percentages in the NFL. Cowboys fans don’t have to worry about the kicking game for the next two presidential elections. I don’t see a downside.

A photo surfaces of Alex Rodriguez wearing a sombrero and playing a mariachi guitar while on a trip to Mexico. The former Ranger has also been offered an assistant coaching position with the Torrington Titans of the Collegiate Futures Baseball League. The job offer includes free donuts. And we were worried A-Rod wouldn’t be able to make ends meet during the suspension. Silly us.

Mitch Moreland

It appears Mitch Moreland will see playing time all over the diamond this season

It sounds like Mitch Moreland is going to be Ron Washington’s “boy Friday” this season. Moreland will get some work at first base, outfield and designated hitter during spring training, according to’s Richard Durrett. In fact, Washington said Moreland could play right field at home and left field on the road, depending on the configuration of the park. That’s the first time I’ve heard a manager take into account the configuration of the ballpark in determining his potential starting lineup.

One thing to follow this season – Ron Washington is in the final year of his deal. The Rangers have gone to great lengths to eliminate excuses this season. Jon Daniels hasn’t made it sound like Wash is coaching for his job. But you know how those things go.

Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki has hinted to signing a two to three year extension with the Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki tells a German sports channel that he’s “likely” to sign a two-or three-year contract extension with the Mavs after the season. If the Mavs sign Dirk for anything more than $12 million per year it’s a mistake. I love Dirk but he can’t last forever, and paying Dirk like he’s used to eats up most of the expected $30 million in cap space the Mavs are expected to have next summer. He says he wants one more ring. We’ll see if the salary he wants reinforces his commitment. I’m betting it will.

By the way, Josh Brent is sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years of probation for intoxication manslaughter in the death of former Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown. No jokes or snide comments here. I’m glad this episode is over. And I come away from this believing that the punishment doesn’t quite fit the crime.

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