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The Dallas Cowboys say they would have no problem selecting Michael Sam

DFW Sports Musings – February 16 

By Matthew Postins


I’ll be honest, when I first saw the final score for the Dallas Mavericks-Indiana Pacers game on Thursday, I thought my phone was broken. What an intriguing end to the first half of the season. How can a Mavs team that good play so well against Indiana one night after playing so poorly the night before against Charlotte? They played the Bobcats like they were trying to beat the weather out-of-town.

My early take on Prince Fielder’s first season with the Texas Rangers? Forty home runs, 120 RBIs. He’s hitting ahead of the one of the best hitters in baseball in Adrian Beltre and has that home run porch in right. If he’s healthy, I don’t see him having a bad year.

Did you have 103 days in the Nolan Ryan joins the Houston Astros pool? Then give yourself a pat on the back. I had 92. Why did it take so long?

In the middle of all the craziness at SMU this week? The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff. Jason Garrett says he likes to see how other coaches work. Wonder if his first question to Brown was, “What’s it like to have a winning season?”

Yeah, I know. A little harsh. That’s on me.

DeMarcus Ware finally schedules surgery for his right elbow. What’s the rush? It’s only been hurting for two years, according to Ware.

The Cowboys say they’re open to having an openly gay player on their roster. No jokes. If the Cowboys believe Michael Sam can help them and he’s the best available player on their board at the time they’re on the clock, they should take him. There will be plenty of questions and, unfortunately, plenty of ugliness, but here’s the thing – winning solves a lot of problems. If Sam goes to a team and helps them win games, no one is going to care about the other stuff except for those who define a person’s character by who they love, which is just plain wrong.

I’m waffling on whether Ron Washington should get a contract extension. On one hand, I think he’s really grown as a manager the past few years and gets the most out of his players. On the other hand the “most” he’s gotten out of them is a Wild Card game and a play-in game the past two years. That’s not enough when you look at this roster and all the additions the Rangers made this offseason. Like Jason Garrett, Wash has to win now.

Here’s your StubHub price check for the SMU-Louisville game on March 5. Congratulations, now that SMU is ranked for the first time since the Reagan administration the cheapest ticket has gone up from $60 to $158.19. What’s the 19 cents for? To rub it in your face that the tickets are so expensive?

ESPN.com’s Ivan Maisel declares NCAA FBS realignment “dead.” Thank goodness. I’m sick of re-memorizing the members of every conference every six months.

The NCAA is considering a rule that guarantees defenses the chance to substitute during the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock. If an offense snaps the ball before 29 seconds, they get a penalty. This has caused much consternation across the land. Some coaches call it a safety issue. Some coaches say they’re trying to legislate against the up-tempo offenses.

But let’s be logical about this. I can’t connect a call on my cell phone in 10 seconds. What makes you think 11 guys are going to be able to get up off the ground, get to the line of scrimmage, call a play and snap the ball in 10 seconds? It’s nearly impossible, no matter how well your team is trained. This committee actually broke down two games with up-tempo offenses and found just two plays in which the offense got to the line of scrimmage and got off a play in 10 seconds or less.

Which brings me to my question: If it happens once a game, on average, why do you need a rule against it?

Rest in Peace, Jim Fregosi. A baseball lifer, the former Ranger was the quintessential baseball man.

By the way, keep Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown and his family in your thoughts. Brown and his family are looking for a bone marrow donor for his daughter, Malena, who has leukemia. She’s being treated at Children’s Medical Center.

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