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Could this be Jason Garrett’s last game as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?
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DFW Sports Musings By Matthew Postins

By Matthew Postins


This was the week to be a back doctor in Dallas-Fort Worth. You could have cleaned up if you were Tony Romo’s personal back physician. I mean, charge Jerry whatever you want. He’ll cover it. And you’ll get seed money for a lake house retreat. Everyone wins. Well, not the Cowboys because we all know what Romo is NOT doing on Sunday.

I don’t blame Jason Garrett for playing the vague game. You have to do whatever you possibly can to keep the Eagles guessing. And I thought Garrett towed that line well. He didn’t lie, which would have gotten him and the NFL sideways. He just kept it vague. And let’s be honest – Garrett has a master’s degree in vagueness, based on his press conferences the past three years.

Garrett did have my favorite quote of the week. He said Tony Romo didn’t look “overly comfortable” on Wednesday. Well you try walking around with a herniated disk. Allegedly.

If this circus doesn’t spur Jerry Jones into action to start the process of finding a succession plan for Tony Romo, then the future is on him.  You’re looking at a 33-year-old quarterback who is starting to feel the abuse he’s taken the past seven years. This upcoming draft has the potential to be a great one for quarterbacks. Think about it. Take a player in the second or third round and you control him for four years, when Romo turns 37. If Romo is still playing well, great. If he’s not, maybe you have the next Aaron Rodgers. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, even if Jerry thinks it’s going to hurt Romo’s feelings or whatever. It would also save Jones some money at backup quarterback, too.

By the way, Jerry said on Friday’s it’s way to soon for that.

The Cowboys bring 41-year-old Jon Kitna back as the third quarterback for Sunday’s game. Then news broke that Kitna would donate his $53,000 salary for this week to Tacoma Lincoln High School, where Kitna went to high school and is now a match teacher. Well, played, Mr. Kitna, well-played. Math textbooks for everyone!

Thank goodness the Mavericks didn’t have to play on Christmas Day. That was a fashion statement the Mavs didn’t need to make. I mean, even Dirk Nowitzki hated the jerseys, tweeting out that they looked “awful.” I wasn’t real wild about them myself. Hey – if I want to watch grown men toss a ball around wearing sleeves I’ll watch baseball. Or football. Or team handball.

You wanna wear sleeves in basketball? Take a page out of the mid-80s Georgetown handbook and sport a gray T-shirt underneath the tank top. It’s classic and it doesn’t go out of style.

The Texas Rangers, by every measure, have had the best offseason in baseball. They’ve acquired Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo and all they had to give up was Ian Kinsler and money. Think about that. The Rangers didn’t have to give up a single bullet in their farm system to acquire those two players. The Rangers know they have a window to contend for a World Series and these two players should help keep it propped open for some time. Hat’s off to Jon Daniels, the Rangers’ general manager. After last year’s fiasco he needed a bounce-back offseason and he delivered.

Masashiro Tanaka will be posted and available to MLB teams. This guy might be better than Yu Darvish. The mind boggles at the opportunity to add Tanaka to a rotation that includes Darvish, Derek Holland and Matt Harrison. The new MLB posting season allows the Rangers, along with every other MLB team, to negotiate with Tanaka and his agent for the next 30 days. This could get real interesting if the Rangers are really interested in bringing him to Arlington. Ultimately, I think the Rangers may be done spending, though. And if they are, no worries here.

Nearly 40 games into the Valery Nichushkin experiment and here’s where we stand. Thirty-five games, 7 goals, 12 assists, 19 points and a plus-minus of plus-13. The last number is by far the most encouraging. Sure, the rookie isn’t scoring a lot of points right now, but he has the best plus-minus on the team, which means good things are happening on the ice even if he’s not scoring. There’s a risk in playing a rookie in the NFL straight out of the draft, but Nichushkin seems to be managing well so far.

By the way, that Tyler Seguin investment is looking pretty solid, too. In 34 games Seguin has 37 points (19 goals, 18 assists) and a plus-minus of plus-12. He’s on a pace that would allow him to surpass his numbers from his best pro season, 2011-12, where he scored 67 points (29 goals, 38 assists).

But all of these moves haven’t meant much so far. The Stars still remain on the outside looking in, sitting in 10th place the day after Christmas.

Well done, SMU, in extending June Jones for three more years. Sure, he flirted with Arizona State in a big way. But let’s be honest – you’re going to have a hard time finding another brand-name coach like Jones when he leaves. Now Jones needs to get the Mustangs back in the bowl and conference title picture in the American Athletic Conference. But extending the coach only made sense.

By the way, T-minus seven days before the remade Moody Coliseum opens and the Mustangs host Connecticut. But if you want tickets, try StubHub. The game is sold out. The Hilltop will be buzzing that afternoon.

One last thing. Need a place to stay for the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey? Call Giants rookie Cooper Taylor. He and his lady are leaving town for the week and would be happy to let you stay in his Rutherford, NJ, apartment, less than a mile from MetLife Stadium. Asking price? $9,000. The two-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 900-square foot property has its own garage. I wonder if Eli Manning’s guesthouse is available that week?

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