Personal Golf Tote

The Personal Golf Tote Bag

By Tom Ward

Special Contributor

She’s back! The woman who brought you the Personal Golf Fan has launched her latest creation, the Personal Golf Tote. The innovative Cynthia Wark of Houston, Texas, has added yet another exciting new product to her line of golf products that are designed to make your time on the course more pleasurable. Are you tired of losing your head covers? Don’t have any place to put your beer or other drinks? Don’t want to leave your purse in the car? Then you need to check out her latest invention. Cynthia’s devices aren’t going to help lower your golf scores, but it could lower your blood pressure, especially in the oppressive heat.

Ms. Wark’s first venture into the golf market introduced golfers to her stylish golf fan that can be placed in your golf cart or is adaptable to your walking push cart. Now, she’s added another very useful tool that will aid all those golfers out there that don’t seem to have enough space in their golf cart. As you can see in the accompanying photographs, the Personal Golf Tote hooks easily over the side rail on any golf cart. It reminds me of how a cowboy riding his horse would have side-saddle bags hanging down on opposite sides to counterbalance the ride. In this case, you can put any number of objects into the bag for safe keeping during your round, eliminating all the mess that typically occurs when you and your golf partner try to store too many things in the back part of the golf cart carriage.

The Personal Golf Tote is water-resistant, which is great for putting in your favorite cold beverages for storage that is easily accessible within arm’s length. It has lots of pockets inside and out of the tote as well. Also, Cynthia told me for women it’s a great place to put their purses and other valuables instead of leaving them in the car.  Ms. Wark has also included the ability to personally customize the bag for corporate events, which gives golf tournament directors that added special touch when the participants go home with a beautifully designed memento from the golf outing.

When you get a moment, check out the website to learn more about this new product and all the other wonderful things that are being dreamed up by a truly dynamic woman who has taken her passion for the game of golf to a new level, making us the fortunate recipients of her imaginative mind.

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