I’ve previously been a writer for Ultimate Athlete Magazine for a little over four years. It is a Long Island high school sports magazine. While working for the magazine, I was able to cover Long Island high school football games. In March I started writing for lilacrossenews.com.  It is a lacrosse website and I cover Long Island high school lacrosse games. I’ve been a Miami Hurricane and NY Giants fan for as long as I can remember. Football started to become a big part of my life in high school. I went to Amityville Memorial high school and I was there when the football team kept winning the Long Island championship game. I had no choice but to pay attention because all my friends were on the team. My dad has always been a NY Jets fan and he is another reason I know as much as I do about football. We have a lot of fun on Sundays arguing about each other’s teams along with my mom the Dallas Cowboy fan and my brother the Miami Dolphin fan. I went to Stony Brook University where I worked for the Sports Complex so I was working the football games there. I would sell tickets or be an usher in the stands and direct people to their seats. I graduated from Stony Brook in December of 2004 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in History. I’ve always loved writing. My goal is to be apart of College Game Day on ESPN for both college football and basketball and to cover the NFL and I’m about to start living one of my dreams writing about the NY Giants. Let’s go GMEN!