Release Date: 8-22-2012

Run Time: 100 min

Cast: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, Kristin Chenoweth

Director: David Palmer & Dax Shepard

Rating: R

An ex-getaway driver flees from determined feds and vicious gangsters after quitting the witness-protection program in order to drive his girlfriend to her new job in Los Angeles. Once upon a time, Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) was the best wheelman in the underworld. But these days, Charlie’s criminal past is fading into the rearview mirror. When Charlie’s girlfriend lands her dream job in L.A., he vows that she won’t be late for her first day. From the moment he pulls out of the driveway, however, it seems that Charlie’s every move is being traced. Now, with the feds closing in fast, Charlie finds every escape route blocked by his old gang — a vengeful group that isn’t about to let his past sins go unpunished

With such a promising pitch from the film company, I have to say that considering I am a big fan of amazingly filmed car chases on film, Hit & Run in the trailer had me thinking I would not only love the car chases but also enjoy laughing my ass off.  Unfortunately, that is not the case in this low budget indie from Dax Sheppard.  While indeed there are plenty of car chases in this film in a myriad of automobiles, the best part of the film is the evolving relationship between Shepard and real life fiance Bell.  The relationship delves into the inner levels of the early stages of a relationship that at times is genuinely sweet but is on the verge of collapse as one’s past deeds begins to catch up with him.  The action in the film could have been so much better but with the budget of and independent film it seems as though most of the money went to casting and not enough to the story and the action scenes.  Furthermore, Bradley Cooper’s Dimitri has to be his worst role of his young career.  I hate to say this, but the actor that had me laugh the most in this film was that of Tom Arnold!  That in itself should be a giant warning sign.  In the end, when it comes to Hit & Run, just run away and save your money!

Overall Grade: C-