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Heart sounded a good as ever Saturday night at the Choctaw Casino
Photo by Chuck Cox
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Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson as good as ever Saturday at the Choctaw Event Center

By Chuck Cox

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I was so blown away by the Heart concert I attended at Gexa Energy Pavilion last August, I jumped at the chance to see the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees again on Saturday night at Choctaw Event Center.

And even though the show was just 15 songs and clocked in at a little less than 90 minutes, it was still well worth the drive up north. Casino shows tend to be shorter than most concerts, but they are also more intimate venues than you would typically see a band like Heart play. I still find it very surreal to see bands I grew up with playing smaller venues, but it’s great for fans to get more up close and personal.

With no opening act, Heart came out a few minutes after 8 p.m. with its trademark opener, “Barracuda.” With the exception of a few songs, it was pretty much a greatest hits package during the main set, including “What About Love,” “Magic Man,” “Dog and Butterfly,” “Alone” and “Crazy On You.” For my money, listening to Ann Wilson sing “Alone” is always worth the price of admission. I have loved that song since it came out my senior year of high school, way back in the dark ages.

There are a couple of hits, like “Never,” “Nothin’ At All,” “Who Will You Run To” and “Dreamboat Annie,”  I wish the band had played. But I was excited that Heart opted to play three Led Zeppelin songs for its encore, beginning with a great version of “Immigrant Song.” The band closed out with “Rain Song” and “Misty Mountain Hop.”

The amazing thing about Heart is that seeing it always feels fresh, like it’s the first time I have ever seen the band. Heart broke through in the 1970s, but it was during my musical heyday, in the 1980s, that Heart was a regular on heavy MTV rotation. Ann and Nancy Wilson are absolute stars. I would have loved to have seen Heart play back then, but I’m making up for lost time now. Saturday night was a perfect example of how there just aren’t too many better ways to spend your evening than with some great live music.

And being from Seattle, I imagine Heart had itself a pretty enjoyable Sunday night.

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