The EDGEFest and the Station Itself Need a Reboot

This weekend’s gig at Frisco Pizza Hut Park was DFW’s staple music festival.  EDGEFest 22 by KDGE The EDGE radio station.  I grew up with this station.  It taught me that alternative music was my calling and it would guide me through my adolescence and into my teen years.   From listening to the Edge on my Walkman late at night in my bed in middle school to cranking it on the way to high school in my Dodge Ram Monster Truck, yes it looked like a Tonka Truck, it was a phase.  My heroes were Bush, Nirvana, Silverchair, Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Staind, and The Foo Fighters.  My generation was the Class of 2000, so songs like The Verve’s – The Freshman came out, yes, my freshman year.  Music followed the growth of our years.  Grunge actually occurred when I was a rebellious teenager, so Smell’s Like Teen Spirit was the best.  As we grew up, so did the music, and that got me through every break, every fight with my parents, and every wild night that ensued in the burbs.

With my love of the EDGE and love of all things music it was only natural that I was a concert junkie, I went to every show that came through the D-F-Dub.  From crashing it out at Trees and listening to the Toadies in the hay days, to watching Kid Rock open up for 311 at The Bronco Bowl, to sitting front row in the pit at Rage Against The Machine at Smirnoff.  I was a concert fanatic.  So naturally I went to every EDGEFest during my growing years, and they were always awesome.  They were hot days, the best bands, grabbing my favorite bands new T-shirt, and connecting with the one thing in life that has kept me going, music.  It was a time in my life that I will always remember.  Especially the mega concert, Blockbuster’s Rock Fest, I know some of you remember that all out EPICNESS; Bush, No Doubt, Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, Sugar Ray, Collective Soul, The Wallflowers, Jewel, and Paula Cole.  That was a concert of our time.  Our Woodstock, the bands of our generation.

But now we have EDGEFest 2012.  Oh boy do I have some words for this festival.  First of all, the past 4 years you have had Cage The Elephant play nearly every time!  They had one good song and it got so annoying because you played it every rotation.  And Switchfoot???  I think they have played EDGEFest over 6 times.  Your festival now resembles nothing of the times, you bring in 3-4 bands that are brand new and are one hit wonders, and a slew of bands that are either out of date or on some new reunion tour.  Yes, you had the Black Keys this year which was great to see, but Garbage and Evanesence?? Come on.  EDGEFest was about the biggest and best bands out.  This is no longer the case, it’s just a money hungry festival that needs a new leader.

Also, your station resembles that someone needs to be the new music director.  To understand why, I turn the station on every morning just to see if they will dazzle me with a new music lineup, maybe some Sick Puppies, Pop Evil, Cavo, Crossfade, or even City and Colour, The Airborne Toxic Event . . . anyone!!! But no, you play Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden every single hour, or whatever 10 bands that you feel are the most poppy cheesy songs out right now.  Your music used to be all of the best rock alternative music that was currently out, but now it is half music that is 10 years old or the same song you play every 30 minutes.  I literally have a list of 40 bands that I never hear on the EDGE but they sell records and sell out rock shows at The House of Blues and The Palladium Ballroom.

To end my rant and hopefully give the virtual slap in the face of realization that the EDGE needs, I just want to ask the station to do this, open your web browser, click on Google, and type in the term, Top Alternative Bands of 2012, or even Top New Rock Bands, anything but the one hit wonders and 90s grunge that you play now.  Hire me and I will revamp the station that has been going downhill for so long.