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  • Vince Papale and Philadelphia Eagles teammate Dennis Franks

    Vince Papale reflects back on his ‘Invincible’ life

    During this time one of the truly great sports stories of the 20th century emerged from the ashes of despair as a 30 year old part-time bartender who never played college football and who was a lifelong Eagles fan was given an unprecedented tryout by the new head coach Dick Vermeil. His name was Vince Papale. He overcame extraordinary odds and seized the moment with his one-in-a-gazillion shot, making the squad as a special teams player and helping every sports fan to live their wildest fantasy vicariously through his exploits on the field.

  • The Expendables 3 Is Just That – Expendable

    The Expendables 3 Is Just That – Expendable

    Right off the bat before I saw the movie, I was already worried about the change from an R rating to a PG-13 rating. My guess as to why they decided on this action is to lure the people under the age of seventeen in to the movie theater. Which automatically raises eyebrows, seeing as the majority of viewers of the first two films were ALREADY teenagers/early twenties.