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Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett not owner and GM Jerry Jones made the coaching change announcements this week

Michael Young Retires while Jason Garrett announces the Dallas Cowboys coaching carousel

By Matthew Postins


Michael Young retires from Major League Baseball. The retirement ceremony was Saturday. Great call by all involved.  

Two phrases that come up when I think about Michael Young: Consummate professional and all-time Ranger. He played on some bad Rangers teams, but he stuck it out and was rewarded with two trips to the World Series. He was asked to change positions several times for the good of the team, and most of the time he had no problem with that (his role as Wash’s “Boy Friday” late in his career seemed to wear on him just a bit). When the Rangers put together their 40th Anniversary team, there was no question he would be on it. He retires as the Rangers’ all-time hit leader and with a career .300 batting average. His Rangers batting average was .301, and while he’s only 10th in team history, he has more than 2,000 at-bats on anyone ahead of him. He’s not a Baseball Hall of Famer, but he’ll certainly be a Rangers Hall of Famer one day.

One would hope given his credentials and leadership the Rangers would carve out a role for him soon in player development, if for no other reason than to show younger players how they should approach the game and the community.

How many current and former coordinators does it take for the Dallas Cowboys to put together a winning season? Well, it’s not four. The Cowboys tried that in 2013 and went 8-8. So perhaps the number is five, now that Scott Linehan joins the staff as passing game coordinator and play-caller after five years as Detroit’s offensive coordinator.

And then the Cowboys “demote” Monte Kiffin and name Rod Marinelli defensive coordinator? Absurd. Absolutely absurd.

It’s interesting that when the Cowboys sent out the release for the new coaching moves that it was Jason Garrett who had the quote, not Jerry Jones. This might be why. On Thursday both Jerry and Stephen Jones said that Garrett was given the authority to make tweaks to the coaching staff, but Jerry made it clear that no coaches would be fired. So the hiring of Linehan, the demotion of Kiffin, the promotion of Marinelli – that appears to be all on Garrett.

And, you know what? If that’s accurate then that’s how it should be. Garrett enters the final year of his contract and he should have the latitude to make the moves he wants in order to put himself in the best possible position to get the Cowboys out of this rut and to earn an extension. That’s only fair. I’m not sure it will work, but he should have that right.

This will make three offensive play-callers in three years for Dallas. But it will also be their fourth defensive coordinator in four years under Garrett. This is like the NFL version of Arkansas State, which has had five head coaches in five years. Continuity thy name is not Dallas.

By the way, the Cowboys just hired a play-caller who asked his quarterback last season, Matthew Stafford, to throw the ball more than 100 times more in 2013 than the Cowboys asked Tony Romo to throw the ball. In fact, Romo’s attempts in 2012 with Garrett calling the plays lines up perfectly with Stafford’s attempts in 2013. But, somehow, the Lions ran the ball five percent more than the Cowboys did in 2013. So I’m not sure what to make of what Linehan will bring to the table in 2014.

The Cowboys deny Bill Callahan the chance to interview with both Baltimore and Cleveland for an offensive coordinator position. Given his unhappiness with the Linehan hiring, why not let him go? If Callahan gets a new job doesn’t it take care of the money the Cowboys would have paid him in 2014? I wouldn’t want him around if I were Garrett. But remember – Garrett wasn’t allowed to let anyone go. He could just rearrange people. Because rearranging makes so much more sense.

I wonder if Jerry gloats if none of this works in 2014. I just wonder.

Dirk Nowitzki is an All-Star for the 12th time. Here’s a tip of the hat to the big German who has improved in every way after last season. I’m now interested in seeing if he can sustain that after the All-Star Break. Remember – he hasn’t played a full season since the 2010-11 championship.

One thing that will bite the Mavericks on the butt? No team with a winning record allows more points this season than the Mavs. They look like a first-round out to me. A tough first-round out, but a first-round out nonetheless.

The University of Texas reportedly drove $165.7 million in revenue in 2012-13. Thanks, Mack.

By the way, the biggest story in college sports in the next three years is going to be unionization. It won’t be a big deal right away. But many collegiate athletes, especially football and basketball players, appear sick and tired of the current revenue structure. Many of them are sick of being pseudo-professional athletes and not sharing in any of the revenue. This call to unionize is only the beginning of what is likely to be an enormous fight that will shake the core of college athletics just as the NCAA appears to be finally buying in to seismic changes in its governance structure. If you like train wrecks, this one has all the makings.

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