Linked to Fitness - Dietary Sugar Intake

Kelly Hitchcock is a gym owner, personal trainer and body builder in Tyler, TX.

Dietary sugar intake and the risk factors associated with high sugar diets

By Bryan Houston and Kelly Hitchcock host Bryan Houston visits with trainer and body builder Kelly Hitchcock each week to talk health and fitness. As the owner of K H Fitness in Tyler, TX., Kelly brings tremendous knowledge of diet and exercise. No gimmicky diets or life consuming training regiments needed, Linked to Fitness is the weekly health and fitness show with all the facts and less the fat.

This week — The World Health Organization suggests one’s daily sugar intake should be 10% of daily caloric intake. Is that realistic and what does that mean to you?

What are the risks and dangers of high sugar consumption and what foods make good sources of sugar in a healthy diet? Kelly makes this week’s important information about dietary sugar easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.

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