"Lucy" starring Scarelett Johanson has great special effects but lacking in everything else

“Lucy” starring Scarelett Johansson has great special effects but lacking in everything else

By Kyle Minton

Special Contributor

Hollywood films over the last thirty years have ventured in to the idea of limitless power and intelligence. The idea that we as average people can’t comprehend the complexity of what we don’t know. The idea that we haven’t scratched the surface of what science can accomplish. The idea that’ll have us ask ourselves “What if that’s possible?”. We’ve seen it with films such as The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Transcendence, Inception, Limitless and so forth. With films such as The Matrix, Inception, and to an extent Limitless, their groundbreaking storytelling, characters and special effects provided an adventure into a world with endless possibilities. Into a world where nothing was impossible but provided with plenty of logic. The characters were rich, the stories were entertaining and the idea was as thought provoking as it gets. All of us left excited and wanting more. Unfortunately, with every great movie that falls in to these categories, there are just as many terrible ones’ and Lucy is near the top of that list. The types of movies that believe that an insurmountable amount special effects with underdeveloped characters/storyline make a movie great. Let’s start from the top.

The film stars our title character and protagonist, Lucy (Scarlett Johanssan) no last name. They didn’t even care to give our protagonist a last name. The character that will be the MAIN FOCUS of the movie. The character that you’re supposed to care about as she goes through her conflict….doesn’t have a last name. Good start, movie. Anyways, she’s a student in Taiwan (maybe she’s a student…the movie doesn’t quite tell you why she’s there). She’s basically forced to be a drug mule by her new boyfriend. She is to deliver a highly valuable synthetic superdrug that can increase the user’s brain function capacity. She is to deliver this to a dangerous drug lord named Mr. Jang. She is knocked out, has the drugs implanted in her stomach and is meant to transport these drugs across Europe. While in captivity, she is beaten and the drugs leak in to her system. That’s when Lucy starts to feel the effects of the drugs (new found strength, intelligence, quickness, and for some reason a head-tilting motion that makes her look like a Michael Myers version of C-3PO.) While this is uncovering, we meet Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman). A professor whom she seeks for help (and coincidentally who’s twenty year research of the human brain may be the only solution to saving her life.) Go figure?

Though the visual effects are stunning, the story doesn’t even try to live up to what they’re trying to tell. It’s amazing that a movie about the possibility of using 100% of your brain finds yourself asking “Did the writers use just 5% of their brain when writing this screenplay?” Though entertaining at times, Lucy is that film that comes out five to ten times a year that will give you all of the mindless special effects and technology it can possibly give you but without any hint of a decent storyline or even a shred of character development.  To the next writer or director who wants to make a movie about exploring the possibilities of the human brain, all I have to say is “Use your head. Because the writers of Lucy sure didn’t.”

Grade: C-  (Would’ve been a D+ but Scarlett DOES looks damn good as always…upgraded to C-)